Join Tadmor on a road trip to remember! Leave the mundane and take a trip with us to 1969 and find the end of the song that’s stuck in our heads, a song of love that captures our hearts.  If you were living during that era, I think you would agree you can almost feel the journey taking place through the branding of the Tadmor’s 2013 summer theme “Summer of the Song.”  We also think it is kinda “groovy” man!

We have enjoyed working with Tadmor, a Christian camp located in the foothills of Lebanon, Oregon for the past 22 years.  Each year we anticipate the design challenges that each new theme brings.

Camp Tadmor’s “Summer of the Song” focus is to help reveal the love that comes only from God and that, through a clear understanding and encounter with this true Love, and that campers would find the change they are longing for…Far out man!

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