social media management

Monthly Posting to Facebook – $200 mo. (1 post daily) $300 mo. (2 posts daily)

  • In this monthly package, we will establish your Facebook presence, by populating  it with posts and manage it each month. This includes daily posts and basic relationship-building activity.



Monthly Posting  to Twitter – $200 mo. (up to 2 daily) $300 mo. (up to 4 daily)

  • In this monthly package, we will establish your Twitter presence, by populating  it with daily tweets in addition, if facebook is linked to twitter not only will you have the benefit of having the posts from Facebook tweeted from your account but we will also setup a  multiple posting schedule and auto response to # tags for your niche each month.




Professional Video Production – $100 per hour. Call for details or estimate.

  • Web video is one of the most powerful online marketing tools. And we have video content and production strategies that allow us to develop, produce and distribute Web video most effectively and affordability.




Manage Your Youtube Channel – $25 per video

  • Once your branded  Youtube channel is setup, we can manage it by uploading videos for you. We will upload and correctly label your video with keyword rich title, description and other data to assure it is found by search engines. This does not include production.



Manage Your Pinterest Channel – $200

  • Pinterest is a powerful visual channel for creating social authority and driving traffic and leads, especially re-pinning of your content on other boards.




Monthly Management of LinkedIn – $350

  • We  establish your LinkedIn Profile and manage it monthly as part of this package. This means we will establish connections with other key LinkedIn members, post messages 3x per week and begin to generate leads and referrals.






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